Are you ready to “Take The Lead” with your dog and become the leader your dog craves?

Take The Lead Dog TrainingTake The Lead Dog Training’s mission is to foster healthy, respectful, and rewarding human-canine relationships that lead to freedom for both owners and their dogs. As your dog’s owner, you are a valuable and crucial part of the training process.

We help integrate training and behavior into your daily routine, focusing on your relationship and helping your dog develop a follower “state of mind”. If we want our dogs to listen to and respect us, we should communicate a calm confidence, providing consistency and follow through.

We believe that every dog needs a job and a purpose and that “job” can be listening to you. Dogs enjoy the training process and like us, are happier and feel better about themselves with a purpose. Whether you have a reactive Rocky, a nervous Nelly, or want to improve your dog’s basic training and behavior, we can help.

A Calm Dog Is A Happy Dog!

Take The Lead Focuses On:

  • Calm on Command
  • Manners and impulse control
  • Improved confidence and stability
  • Communication through obedience and body language
  • Improve your dog’s selective listening and enhance your relationship
  • How dogs learn and why they behave in certain ways
  • How to get engagement and focus from your dog in any situation
Take The Lead Dog Training Fort Lauderdale

Personalized Training For Your One of a Kind Pup:

Take the Lead Dog Training offers programs for young puppies and dogs, teaching a solid training and behavioral foundation. We also work to help manage and stop ingrained unwanted behaviors, then teach new skills and develop new coping strategies.

What you learn at Take The Lead will be an lifetime investment in the relationship with your pup. With leadership and guidance, you will unleash your dog’s potential and be able to include your dog in all of the fun stuff that led you to get a dog in the first place.

Private Dog and Puppy Training

Private Dog Training

Take The Lead in your home, neighborhood, or place of business.

Private dog training is structured for clients who take an active part in the dog training process from the start.  We coach you on canine communication, effective leadership and training tools.  We meet weekly or bi weekly and set you up to become the effective leader your pup craves.

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Day Training

Day-Training is an accelerated training program!

Day-training is an accelerated training program for those who work long hours or are struggling with a particular problem behavior. Drop your dog off at our place during the week for our stay and train program, and at pick up we will transfer the training to you.

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Day-Training is an accelerated training program!
Board and Train is a great option!

Board and Train

Board and Train is a great option!

Whether you are you looking to get off to a good start with your new dog or you’re at the end of your leash, Board and Train is a great option to accelerate your dog’s learning.

Your dog stays with us for two to four weeks and then we work with you in your home to maintain your dog’s new and improved behavior.

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