Private Dog Training In Your Home Or Ours

We offer private dog training lessons in your dog’s home environment to help develop a happy, healthy, balanced dog.

Private Dog Training

Private lessons are structured for owners who want to be hands on and are committed to doing the bulk of the training. We work together to develop a basic obedience and behavior foundation and create expectations in your home through structure and boundaries. We act as a coach to guide clients on a successful training journey with their dogs. The lessons are designed to teach you and your dog a new style of communication, and to teach the skills and behaviors necessary to set you and your dog up for success.

We work on crate training, leash handling skills, obedience, behavioral issues and tools and techniques to set you up for a successful relationship with your dog. *Private dog training is for dogs without major behavior issues.


We Work Together On:

A foundation of Obedience and Behavior on leash or off leash with an e-collar:

  • Commands such as Sit, Down, Place, Stay, Heel, Come
  • An “OFF” Switch
  • Leadership and setting clear goals and boundaries
  • Learning how dogs communicate
  • How dogs learn and why they behave in certain ways
  • How to get engagement and focus from your dog in any situation
  • Manners and impulse control
  • Confidence building

Behaviors we help manage and resolve:

  • Leash Pulling
  • Leash Reactivity
  • Socialization
  • Fear and Anxiety
  • Over Excitement
  • Mouthing
  • Excessive Barking and Whining
  • Minor Fears and phobias

If you don’t have the time and or your dog has behaviors that you are unable to deal with, look into our Day Train and Play and Board and Train programs.



  • 1 Session:    $175 (90 minute evaluation and training)
  • 4 Sessions: $600 ($150 each)
    • (4) 60 Minute In Person Sessions
  • 8 Sessions:  $1,000 ($125 each)
    • (8) 60 Minute In Person Sessions
  • *In home sessions are within 10 miles of downtown fort lauderdale.



If your dog trained with Take The Lead, we offer Boarding while you are away. Your dog lives in our home and gets daily pack walks and playtime with other Take The Lead dogs. We always reinforce the training and behaviors your dog has learned.

  • $80 per day