About Take The Lead Dog Training

Dog training at both ends of the leash

Take The Leads mission is to help our clients build healthy relationships with their dogs through leadership, clear communication, and a foundation of obedience and behavior.

Head Trainer Tina Alderman

Take The Lead believes that the formula for a stable dog focuses on their state of mind, physical exercise and mental stimulation. When a dog has physical exercise and a calm mind, he is open to learning. We are practical dog trainers and work with our clients to integrate training and behavior into your daily routine.

Dogs love to follow confident and consistent leaders. Our programs coach you on how to become an effective leader for your dog to follow. Each dog responds to an individual according to the way that person acts toward the dog. Client involvement is the most important component of our training programs. We coach our clients to pay attention to their own emotions and understanding how they may affect their dogs state of mind and behavior.

We have programs that help build a solid obedience and behavior foundation with a new puppy or rescue dog, as well as dogs with behavioral challenges.

About Head Trainer Tina Alderman

Cesar Millan’s intensive Fundamentals of Dog Behavior

After working as a MSW clinical social worker for many years, Tina Alderman left her career for her dream of working with dogs. Along with owning a successful pet care company in Boston, she volunteered at the local shelters and dog training facilities, increasing her skills and knowledge.

Tina rescued a high-energy, powerful cattle dog named Red from a local trainer. She was unable to control his excitement, was embarrassed on walks, and didn’t want to take him anywhere. She realized that treats and obedience training alone wasn’t working for Red. Treats made Red more excited, and hours of exercise left him unfulfilled.

After attending Cesar Millan’s intensive Fundamentals of Dog Behavior class, it started to come together for Tina. The most powerful tool was her own energy. “The way I projected myself and reacted to Red’s behaviors was directly affecting Red becoming a follower and ultimately, a happy, adjusted, member of our family.”

Tina thanks Red for allowing her to move out of her comfort zone, determined to fulfill her own pet’s needs and the needs of her clients and their dogs. She lives in Fort Lauderdale with her wife and daughter, two dogs Buffy and Pebbles, and helper cat Mia.

Tina volunteers at the “Training Cesar’s Way Fundamentals” course at The Country Inn Pet Resort Resort in Fort Lauderdale.